Aloe vera has some important medicinal qualities that are very effective in the treatment of acne. Aloe Vera has been used in a wide variety of medicinal ways both historically and in modern time. It is used to treat burns, wounds and infections to regenerate skin and provide the building blocks needed to rebuild scarred or damaged skin areas. In addition it aids in treating acne by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent and an immune booster.

Aloe Vera Solutions

Acne can be treated by either soaps containing aloe vera or aloe vera gel. Soaps should be used at least twice a day and the skin should be patted dry following the wash. A topical gel or cream application of aloe vera can then be applied to the inflamed or infected areas. Acne is not cured by aloe vera but the symptoms of redness, flaky skin, and swelling will be rapidly decreased with consistent use.

Aloe vera, in liquid form, can be applied to the facial area to remove excess oil. The face should then be washed with a soap containing aloe vera and then a commercially prepared aloe vera cream can be applied. This treatment uses all the medicinal components of the aloe vera to help keep skin looking soft and breakout free. The mild astringent qualities of the allow vera will prevent future acne outbreaks and help reduce redness and swelling.

Medical Findings

As far back as 1750 B.C clay tablets were written addressing the medicinal properties of aloe vera. A Greek physician wrote in 74 B.C about using aloe vera to cure infections of the skin, burns and to decrease hair loss.

In 1935 the first medical report was published describing the medical use of aloe vera in burn patients. It has since been the focus of many studies addressing the healing properties of aloe vera for all skin conditions, including acne. As with all herbal and medical treatments individual responses will vary with most users indicating a decrease in the redness and flaky skin around the acne blemishes.

There are no known side effects to using aloe vera externally. If any irritation occurs simply discontinue use.